Learning Each Day - II

I once told someone I forgive but I don't forget. Understably shocked, this person said okay, that's scary. And it was. I very obviously had a very loose grasp on the concept of forgiveness at the time, and very long afterwards. These past three days things have been happening that I firmly believe are far from coincidence. Sunday morning before reading or even opening my devotional, while leafing through my bible I somehow stopped and read the book of Jonah. Yes, I and the whole world know the story and how he got trapped in the big fish, still I stopped to read it. Then a few minutes later when I started reading the devotional, one of the day's bible readings happened to be from Jonah. Hmm, coincidence? Maybe. Well, that very night while watching TV and flipping through the channels I momentarily stopped to listen to a televangelist speak. And guess what he started talking about some minutes after I had tuned in?

I Am A Woman

I am a woman. I am strong. I carry loads known to no one I endure pain known to no man I keep confindences sacred to many Secrets that are not mine Yet known by only I I withstand heartache seen by no eye I fight battles fought by no man I am a woman I wear a face so brave Look each in the eye Carry my head high Hold my shoulders back And speak with a voice firm I am strong I am a woman I am a woman I am weak I am afraid of the dark I am afraid of spiders - and lizards Even when I would rather not ask I find myself in need I am without strength of muscle I am unlike a man 

Learning each day - I

I'm learning each day.
"Saying wise things, sounding wise, is not the same as being wise and acting wisely."
I'm so very guilty of not understanding this one here, but I'm learning each day - To walk the talk.

Sunday Bloom

The gloom.
Blinds drawn,
To let the sun bless,
Share her glow,
The gloom to dispel.

A call to He above,
Lorn and long.
Same each morn,
Songs of praise,
A sigh, a prayer,
His gentle hand I feel,
Never too far away,
To bestow bloom,
Blessings anew,
Flames of faith,
Flickers of hope,
And embers of love.
That eternal trio - faith, hope and love,
At my core abloom.

Clear skies,
Humming birds.
Clear as daylight,
Nature disagrees.
Knows not of the gloom,
Creeping up every morn.
No abode for gloom,
Nature gently screams.
'Oh, what do you know?'
I want to ask. 
Perspective dawns.
Faith. Hope. Love.
'These three remain.'
And nature is abloom.
I yield.
I partake of her bloom.

I picked these orange blossoms up this morning on my way from church. Wonder what their name is. The little set up on which they stand, that I have had for some time now. I like looking at it, makes me smile, especially the bust of bright colours on the stand (it's an improvised one). Lately the vase has been sitting there empty, so this morning I decided to put it to good use, add more colour to the set-up, light up the corner. Sunday bloom. I saw these flowers and thought, pretty, I'm taking you with me.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday.

Much Love,
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