Erin And The Five British Soldiers

I watched a movie a while back - an action comedy, The Other Guys - that really had me laughing at this one scene. Well, you know how some scenes in some of these comedies don't get you laughing as hard as the director may have hoped, but this one here was very amusing. I bring you one of my fav scenes in the movie.

Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz are meeting in an Irish pub to discuss their cop case. Turns out it's some sort of singing night in the pub that Allen loves to be a part of.

He goes on to sing this song with several Irishmen. Here are the lyrics and you can watch it here yourself

I gave my love to Erin
She promised to be true
I went to war to come back
And find 5 british soldiers
Had their way with her
It was consensual

And all their fathers were hanged
And the children all got pink eye
While their Harry Potter books got burnt

Now how about that! You should see the commitment and enjoyment with which Allan sings this song. Terry just can't believe people actually go to bars to sing such 'depressing' war songs about consensual war crimes of a certain nature, and actually enjoy it! Let me know if you watched the scene, or the movie, and enjoyed it too.

Au revoir! Much Love,


  1. I really like that part.

  2. i was actually looking for the song and I Googled the Lyrics and it led me here :)


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