White Flag of Truce

I love poetry, and every now and then I'm seized by some Shakespearean winds (I wish!) and I'll grab my pen and make a creation or two. Here's something I shared with some facebook friends some months back. I wrote it with the Kampala Walk To Work demonstrations in mind but for some reason my sister thought it had something to do with her, and a friend said it made her reflect on herself. I thought that interesting. That's the beauty of art I guess, everyone relates to it their way. Feel free to share your thoughts on this one.

White Flag Of Truce

Will you wave the white flag of truce,
Will you bow your head in shame,
Will you hold your head in your hands,
Will you break down and cry?

Will you eat humble pie,
Will you eat your own words,
Will you take them back?

Will you punch the air in victory,
Will your eyes blaze with glory,
Will you gloat and hound,
Will you stand your ground?

Will you tuck your tail and hide,
Will you turn around and run,
Will you wave the white flag of truce?

Au revoir! Much Love,

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