Tuesdays - You Gotta Love 'Em

Wednesdays were my favourite day of the week (after Friday), then along came Tuesday. For those of you that haven't yet discovered the charm of Tuesdays, especially if you live/work in Kampala, then you don't know what your missing! But despair not, for that's about to change: you'll now know what you're missing. You may even get out there and do something about it. Ofcourse you will!

1) Free Pizza
Now, who wouldn't want some free juicy, cheese-dripping pizza in all its colourful mouth-watering glory! I know I would. Well maybe some of you knew about this already. Tuesday has been pizza buy one-get one free at Nandos for some time now. Hold it, hold it, I know what you're thinking: the pizza at Nandos on that day is not as good, they are in such a hurry and that it sometimes comes out too crusty, etc, etc, and the lines are too long, and several other reasons not to go get your free pizza, but hold your horses: Tasty's.

Yepp, Tasty's. Tasty's does free pizza too. Tuesday is pizza buy one-get one free here too.They've got a branch at Shoprite mall Lugogo, and another in Ntinda opposite DTB. And their pizza is actually good. You get to wait half an hour, though, but atleast I was told this at ordering so I could decide what I wanted to do: do something with my half hour as I wait for my pizza or forego the pizza. Ofcourse I found somethig to fill my 30 minutes, you know me. Pity they don't do deliveries. I wish Ugandans would take more to this part of business, deliveries. We would all be happier. And maybe a little lazier, but a lot happier, we do jog afterall - right? Tasty's Ntinda is open from 8:00 a.m to Midnight. More time to get your free pizza, more reason to love your Tuesday.

2) Half Price tickets at Cineplex
I just recently learnt of this but I'm sure it's been going for some time. You've got to agree it's a sweet deal. And another fun reason to love your Tuesdays. If the rain wasn't on another of it's sprees right now I'd probably be there as I type this. I love my movies, you know, and I'm itching to complete Hanna. As you may have heard here I was rudely interrupted before I could enjoy it to the end. Well, half-price tickets for any movie you've been itching to watch, a bag of pop-corn and why wouldn't you love your Tuesday?

3)Theme nights
Those of you that love the night life could help me here. I'm sure Tuesdays are theme nights somewhere in a certain funky up-town night club that you love. Does Afrigo band have a do at Little flowers? Or is it a Qwela do some where?  Is it fun factory comedy night? Am sure there's something, so let us know folks, share, anything to love our Tuesdays better.

4) The Big One!
And this is the biggest of them all. The mother of reasons for you to love Tuesday. Wait for it: It's the day after Monday. Monday that dreary day that has everyone moving about with dull spirits and pining for the weekend, dosing at their desk and drinking gallons of coffee. Who wants Monday? Tuesday is the real start of the week. You're alert, you're certain Monday is over and you'll make it through another week. Perhaps you're even more sober than you were on Monday. Tuesday is also the day before Wednesday, and we all know what that signifies. Wednesday is the day that brings the weekend. The day before Thursday comes to bring you Friday, day 1 of the weekend. For when Wednesday comes you know it's the middle of the week, and the weekend is nigh. Tuesday brings you Wednesday, Tuesday brings you hope. Now, truly, why wouldn't you love Tuesday?

Yeah, that No. 4 there sounded a little crazy, right? LOL. So now that you know why I love Tuesday, what's your fav day of the week? Care to share? Maybe you could even win me over to your day of the week!

Au revoir! Much Love,

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