A Good Laugh

Your mama is so fat all her relationships are long distance. Your mama is so fat the Boeing Jumbo Jet was made specially for her. Your mama is so fat the cops fined her for walking up a road that said 'No trucks'.

Haha... seriously, I had a good laugh with those your-mama jokes. Those african-american pips really know how to have a good laugh. Okay, I'm sure you did not guess but the last two of those jokes are original compositions by yours truly. Yepp, that's me. And yes I laughed at my jokes too, don't you laugh at yours? No? You should have a doctor check your brain, you just might find you've been missing out on a fun life. Or at the very least you may find out why people keep laughing at you when you speak - maybe they are actually intending to laugh with you. Thank me later, just don't blame when crow's feet start showing around your eyes as proof of the extreme enjoyment you're getting out of life - what with all the laughing you'll be doing once you learn how to laugh at all that's fun.

I wouldn't advise you to take laughing at your own jokes as far as Pablo, though. You know, the muganda guy (apparently) with the Ankole accent that won Uganda's Last Comic Standing. Is that the name of the show, I don't quite remember. Thing is, he was crowned the country's top comedian but the country's reaction to this wasn't a unanimous one, of course. At the time so many people didn't find him funny at all, myself included. Part of this, for me, must have accrued from the fact that my room mates at Uni subjected me to a radio breakfast show every morning that had Pablo as one of the crew. It was a christian radio so I feel compelled at this point to emphasise that I love Jesus Christ: I love Jesus Christ. It was Pablo's trying-so-hard-to-be-funny that I had a major issue with. And the fact that the room mates (whom I love too, by the way) hence made me miss out on my more fun radio shows and have Pablo as a substitute, as we couldn't play two radios at the same time. But trust me, I gave that a shot for a while.

I had actually never really given much thought to Pablo's laughing even before he has told the whole joke, until a few days ago when I heard an interviewer on TV ask another comedian what he thought of it. And well, if there's a being or two out there that love that style, and I've come to believe that those beings actually exist, then all is merry. An aunt of mine has a beautiful view on this, she usually goes "well, if you laugh now then when shall we get to laugh?" And I think she's right. Just imagine this scenario: Pablo is telling a joke and as usual, laughs in the midst of telling the joke before even coming to the funny part. But this time the joke is so funny that Pablo can't stop laughing. And we wait, but Pablo still won't stop laughing. So when do we get to laugh then?

Since Pablo seems to have hijacked today's blog - who knows, we could have moved from discussing your-mama jokes to discussing hip hop culture and how to raise responsible teenagers - I have to say lately he has improved. A lot. Must be all the pressure from those TV shows that signed him once he won the contest. Good for him. That he is funnier. And of course good for me too since he is now all over the place and in my living room on my TV. Of course now I can always turn him off if he compels me to. Isn't that the beauty of leaving your university room?

Your mama is so fat her picture is printed like a no-parking sign on foods to mean fat-free food. Your mama is so fat kids on the street run away from her screaming 'polar bear'. Your mama is so fat she went to the zoo and the elephants thought she was one of them. Your mama is so fat when you google her it says 'not enough disc space, file is too large.' Ha ha. Cute, right? Yepp, you got it, those four are mine too. From your very original fab, fun Queen Kat. Feel free to share your own your-mamas in the comments box. Share the fab fun!

Au revoir! Much Love,

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