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As I shared with you HERE earlier, today was AGM and talking AGMs you know what that means: turn up looking your professional (and of course, stylish) best and get yourself ready for hours and hours of annual reports and members passionately discussing issues without literally pulling at each other's ties or pulling out their "adversary's" hair. But most of all (for the fun-loving ones among us) it means meeting old friends once again, especially those you only see once a year; catching up on old times and getting some juicy news on what's going down where with whom.

Evelyn is a friend with whom I went to medical school [don't look so surprised, I DID go to medical school! :) ] and I hadn't seen perhaps since we completed our hospital internship.  A lot has changed since, Evelyn is now a business lady, in addition to being a pharmacist and lecturing pharmacy students. I can't stop myself from smacking a little here, we are a bright, enterprising young lot I tell ya! :) Take a look at these.

 Evelyn knows my love for all things fabulous and she showed me some of her beautiful creations. Boy, I'm so glad she did! She makes those gorgeous colourful phone bags, a must have if you love beautiful things - which I'm sure you all do. This one is not for ladies only, guys you should go on and get your lady one of these, I guarantee you she'll love it!

All the pretty bags are handmade, Evelyn sews them herself. She goes out, buys the fabric, buttons, and everything fab; and sits down to sew them up herself, with her own dainty hands. You gotta give it to her, her needlework is perfecto! The bags are well cushioned to protect your phone, and some are big enough to hold a camera.

You have to agree she combines the colours really well, I love the contrast she adds in with the straps. Look at the red stripped one with it's blue strap.  It does not look plain at all! And the grey with the pink strap? I loved the brown one too. The colours are playful but the bags are very far from childish, quite stylish.

I loved these 3 below best, and I bought myself the last two on the right. I was absolutely smitten with the blue one but I loved the play of colour in the last one too. So I took both (impulsive buying, my greatest shopping sin!). Of course I got me a discount!

Evelyn with some of her gorgeous bags.
Evelyn uses various fabric types to make her gorgeous bags. Some are made of cotton, denim, and she cushions them with felt, so your phone, camera, i-pod or whatever gadget you love and want to protect is safe in case of a fall, and protected from dust. She even uses them for herself as a pencil case! Viva la creativity! The possibilities are endless, people.

If you'd like a bag for yourself contact me at, the bags go for a good 8000/= for a small size and 10,000/= for bigger ones. Go on, add some colour, style and funk to your look. It's what fabulous people do!

Au revoir! Much Love,

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