I made a trip to the book-store intending to get my self  'Their eyes were watching God', a very good read, I hear. Well, as it turns out, my impulsive shopping doesn't stop at shoes, clothes, bags and chocolate. I instead left the bookshop with several books on house-keeping - some cookbooks and one on living room interior design.

I've wanted to re-do my living room for sometime now and had been looking for inspiration from magazines, et cetera. When I saw this book '101 Living Rooms' I just couldn't leave it behind! I can't wait to get started. Of course you know what this means... more shopping! Sigh. Well, good things cost. That's life.

I find Cooking for Beginners such a great book. Unlike most cookbooks, it starts with a description of several useful things such as tools and equipment needed in the kitchen (know what a fish slice is? Or a zester? Know ALL the types of kitchen knives and what exactly it is they do?) It then describes (bruising, basting, blanching, sautéing, et al) spices, conversions, kitchen hygiene and lots of other useful things. It also makes everything, including all the exotic dishes I've never seen or eaten, seem very easy to make. Recipes are described under useful groups like 'Meat', Poultry and Game', and so forth.

A super plus is these cookbooks will be a good way to improve my kitchen. More shopping, of course. I'll need t get feedback on all my new-dishes cooking, now that calls for some parties! Any excuse to have a great time, right?

Au revoir! Much Love,

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