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I haven't written in a long time. A week only, yes, but for me that's unreasonably long. Usually, I may go a day or two without writing and then, some days, I will find myself posting two, three new posts at once. I have concluded it must have something to do with how my mind wanders from tree top to tree top, making occasional stops in valleys and along slopes. I've been under some duress that somehow inhibited the usual flow of words from my brain through to my finger tips and finally onto my pages, here. When that happens I usually find myself with several drafts, half-stories, that end up staying in the drafts folder until my spirits are up again, high enough to feel up to some interaction. And even then, my mind still wanders. And wonders. And wanders. Take for example, this morning as I prepared for my morning shower, some excerpts.

  There wasn't much hot water in there last night, I better switch on that heater. In the meantime I'll brush my teeth.Wait, why don't I first do my facial wash routine? As I brush, the facial wash will be doing it's magic then I can wash it off later. Yeah, of course, as usual. I've got to go to the drug authority today, then call those pharmacy managers, then... what else? You know, what if there's a power cut later today, perhaps I should leave the heater on a little longer, that way there will be enough hot water even after I shower. I should get back to my blog, have lots to write about. I should take the laptop out and power it, such that when I'm done here it'll be good and ready and off we shall go writing. 

I finish brushing, put up my toothbrush and walk out of the bathroom, head to the bedroom to pick the said laptop. Inside, a song is playing on the radio. Reggae tone, dance-hall beats. These guys are wailing about the cunning of today's city girl. Tough love, it's a tough city. Everyone's scheming. What, you couldn't beat them so you joined them? Great move, Mr. Musician. Enter yours truly.

Wooh! I really love this song! I start dancing. T

heir song doesn't have much lyrical value but I have to agree that the storyline is quite funny. I just love these beats! My God, I haven't really danced in a long time. Not even at Grace's party. Still mad about that, I threw that do, THAT was my big chance to dance like crazy! Well, there is always next time. There is also NOW. 
I go on dancing. Girating all over the dance floor. (Uum... my bedroom, rather. *Clears throat. )

Oh yeah, this is more like it! Let me do the 'paka chini' (going up to down - direct translation) move.

I start going down slowly as I roll (?) my waist and move my knees inwards and outwards until I touch the floor, then quickly get up slightly pushing my butt out. 

 I should do that again!  

 And I do. And continue dancing away, merrily. 

Gosh, where are all these impressive moves when you need them! I should have tried this one out at Grace's party. 

 And I go on dancing. I move towards the wall and keep dancing with my back up against the wall. 

 Haha.. now this really reminds of school days, and dancing in Hostel C. Diana still reminds me of this, she just won't let me forget it and it's been years!  

 A smile comes to my lips as I remember the laughter this particular move used to evoke from my friends in school, as we danced in our hostels. 

 Aah, dancing just feels really good! This is not such a bad start to my day, really. 

Song ends. I stop dancing and move to the mirror, slightly amused at myself. Smiling I look into the mirror.

 Mm? Why aren't my teeth sparkling? I should go brush some more, use more toothpaste this time. 

I leave the bedroom, head to the bathroom. As I get to the bathroom door: 

Gosh, I was supposed to get in there, get out the laptop, take it to the living room, plug it in and power it up. What is wrong with me? Plan to do one thing, and end up doing the other! Oh well, I'm already here now, can't go back. I'll just waste more time walking to and fro. Let me just re-brush my teeth, take my shower, then head on to the laptop. 

I switch off the heater, head on to take that patiently-waiting, long-awaited shower. Standing under the shower, staring out the bathroom window: 

 It rained this morning. Yeah, I think I heard it right before I drifted back to sleep. The ground looks very wet and soft. It must have rained a lot. The neighbours labourer has been digging. I can see he started then stopped. Was it the rain that stopped him?What time did it start raining then? I thought it was very early in the morning, but may be not, since it couldn't have been too early to head to the garden. If it's the rain that stopped the labourer. Hey, there's a pumpkin growing there! I'm certain he didn't plant it, the seeds just got there somehow. Will he uproot it? Or live it there? I would. Those people are really diligent with that digging. 

Still standing under the shower having scrubbed and lathered thoroughly, letting the warm water flow over me, repititively (and unnecessarily) re-washing parts of me: 

You know, you really should get out of the shower. And you've got to break this wash-rewash habit you have going. The last time you took a shower was last night at 4:00 am (that's more like this morning, you know) after which you went straight to bed, so there's no way you can possibly have any dirt that needs this much bathing! Aah, but the water feels so good. I really should get round to putting a clock in here. I keep thinking it but never do it. I spend way too much time in here, I just lose track of time. A clock would be really good. Soon, I'll bring it in soon. Wonder where I'll put it?

As I step out of the shower: 

 Mum says she prefers bath tubs. She says she doesn't understand why anyone would just stand there under a shower of water like a fool. I know she means it only half-seriously but it makes me want to say, 'You know, mum, you can't keep ridiculing things you don't agree with or don't do simply because you don't understand them. You have to stop that.' But isn't that what we all do, really? Look at something someone does, you don't get it, would never do it that way, so you scoff, push your nose in the air and say 'ridiculous, strange.' Ah, no accountability for taste. 

Heading out of the bathroom: 

Wow, my mind really does wander. Does everyone else's do, too? Keep jumping from topic to topic, thinking non-stop? Or are they different, more focused, more methodical in their thinking? Janice once said, "You know what, you would probably like MD’s pages (Daphnee of evilnymph ... she’s really into fashion and a deep, non-stop thinker). Reminds me of you ..."  Non-stop thinker? How did she know? I don't remember ever mentioning it before. Strange. I guess it must have shown through something I wrote, somewhere. Mmm, clearly there are other wondering wandering minds out there. Maybe they wander like mine, maybe not.  Maybe I should write a post about this morning's wanderings... 

When opening my first email account several years ago, filling in the form under hobbies I wrote 'Thinking.' The computer returned: 'Let's get this straight. Your hobby is Thinking. Click .... to blah, blah, blah...' I guess 'thinking' wasn't listed in their hobbies database. At the time, I actually thought of it as a hobby. I used to daydream a lot. Still do.


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