The Lovely Blog Award

I bear good news today. Since I brought my blog over from Blogger to WordPress it's been a pleasant experience, I've met some great souls here at WP - the WordPress bloggers are a very supportive lot. On to the good news, I've received my very first blog award, the 'One Lovely Blog Award' from the lovely Janice at Aurora Morealist. Goes without saying I'm happy as a lark. I'm pleased that Janice, and others find my blog worth a read, for I don't write about anything earth-shattering. Simply what interests me, what I think, feel, see. In the words of Daniel my blog here is also "just another Me, Me, Me blog like 300,000 other ones." Thank you, Janice.

One Lovely Blog Award

From what I've learnt,  there are some rules to be followed upon receiving the award, which Janice in  her true JAM style :)  has tweaked a bit:
  1. Thank the person that nominated you by linking back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 7 bloggers for the award (some say 7, 12 and others 15); Janice chose 8, guess I'll have to decide.
  4. Drop them a note to let them know.
And the love goes on and on... . So, now for the tough part:
7 Random Facts About Me
  1. I speak three foreign languages; English, French, and Gujarati. Well, not so fluent in the latter, but never for the life of me did I ever think I could/would ever learn and/or speak an Indian dialect.
  2. I've always wanted to play the violin. Whether I eventually will, is a different matter altogether. I did take guitar lessons once, though. Then the instructor decided to make a disappearance act, and well, that ended my music stint. Still, hope lives on.
  3. I'm more of a peas person than I am a beef person.
  4. I still hope to one day hit a fashion runway or two in Paris.
  5. I'm terrified of questions in the superlative: 'what is your favourite dish?' 'what music do you love best?' 'what is your best memory to-date?' I just don't know what to do with such questions, and my brain freezes... a bit like that clumsy feeling you get when being watched at a certain task and find yourself getting wrong something you're usually perfect at.
  6. I want to write a novel some day. Or win the BBC short story award. Now that would be an accomplishment! Sigh.
  7. The population of Yoruba in Nigeria has the highest rate of multiple births (twins, et cetera). It's attributed to their high consumption of a certain type of yams. Let's just say I plan to emulate them (their yam consumption), for obvious reasons. :-)
And now for the Lovely Blog Award Nominees .... Drum roll please!
  1. Noeleen at You've got to drop by Noeleen's, she's got some read-worthy beautiful stuff going on.
  2. Gabrielle at I love Gabrielle's fashion and beauty blog. Worth a look if you're into fashion.
  3. I'll be adding more soon (lol) ....
And now to the final part, I'm off to pass on the love to these lovely bloggers.

Au revoir! Much Love,

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